Loc. No. Title Composer/Arranger Level Style Notes Good
F 8 25 or 6 or 4 Edmundson, J E/M

F 186 633 Squadron Goodwin, R M March

F 259 7 Latin Rosenberg, M M
Based on Beethoven's 7th Symphony
F 112 76 Trombones

F 170 76th Bicentenial Salute

F 14 A Step in the Right Direction Edmondson, J E
From Bedknobs & Broomsticks

70 Abanda

J 781 Abba, The Best of Bernaerts, F M Medley
F 361 Aberystwyth

J 672 Adagio Slocum, E

J 687 Admirals All Bath M/H March

F 231 After The Ball

F 2 Aida

J 789 Ain't No Misbehavin'

Easy Concert Band Series Pack 11
J 1016 Ain't No Mountain High Enough Bocook, J M

F 105 Air and Dance Reynolds M Feature Clarinet Duet
F 20 Air for Trumpet Banks, E M Feature Trumpet Solo
F 655 Alert March


F 145 Alexandra

839 Alfie
M Feature Flugel Horn Solo
J 785 All By Myself Murtha, P

J 988 All I Want For Christmas is You Bernaerts, F M Christmas

F 250 Alla Marcia (Sibelius) Richardson, N E

F 188 Alpen Tanze Brien, T E

F 291 Alpine Melody Erickson, F E

F 337 Am Sonntag will mein suber mit Segein Gehn

F 27 Amazing Grace

F 680 American Duo, An Adler, S E/M

J 490 American Folk Song Rhapsody No. 3 Grundman, C

J 2035 American in Paris, An Krance, J

J 612 American Patrol Duthoit, WJ

J 744 American Sea Rhapsody Cacavas, J

F 184 Amoretten Tanze

F 77 Amparito Roco Texidor, J M/H March

F 183 Amulet of Odin Johnson, CW E/M

J 567 Andrew Lloyd Weber, A Symphonic Portrait Nowak, J

J 859 Annie Get Your Gun Duthoit, WJ

J 1159 Aquila Landing Murtha, P

J 641 Aranjuez Mon Amour Rutterford, PJ M

F 156 Army of The Nile Alford, KJ M March

F 231 Artist's Life Strauss, J

J 769 As Time Goes By Hautvast, W

J 1150 Ashokan Farewell, The Custer, C E/M

F 175 At The King's Court Godfrey M/H

F 72 Autumn Leaves

J 563 Avalanche Yoder, P

F 39 Ave Maria

F 1018 Aviator, The Brubaker, J M/H Suite

J 1082 Baa Baa Black Sheep Dawson, J

ITMA Series
F 134 Baby Elephant Walk

F 923 Ballet Divertissment Retford, M M/H

J 749 Ballet Egyptian Bennett, D M

F 40 Ballet Egyptian Luigini M

F 135 Ballet Faust Gounod, C M/H

931 Ballet Music from Faust Gounod

F 100 Ballet Russe Winterbottom, F M/H

J 786 Ballymore Down Strommen, K

F 1001 Bandolero Osser, G E/M

F 146 Bandology Osterling, E M March
F 80 Banners Blue

F 987 Barber of Saville, The Rossini M/H Overture

F 361 Bare Necessities Hare, N E

F 275 Barney's Tune

J 533 Battle Hymn of the Republic Smith, CT

F 5 Battle Hymn of the Republic

J 602 Battle Hymn of the Republic

J 967 Battle of Balaclava, The Miller, B M March

F 315 Battle of Britain Goodwin, R

J 957 Battle of Britain Walker, D

F 216 Battle Scene, A

F 625 Bavarian Bugle Boy Simms, B E/M Feature Cornet Trio
F 155 Bavarian Dances, Three Elgar, E M/H

J 580 Bavarian March Wright, J

F 292 Bavarian Tubas Entwhistle, E E Feature Tuba
J 2051 Beatology Rimmer, R M

J 2079 Beauty and the Beast Custer, C

F 178 Beceuse

J 189 Beer Barrel Polka Vejvoda

F 164 Begiune festival

F 83 Begorrah

F 377 Beguine Again Osser, G M

F 599 Belgravia Square

J 829 Belle of the Ball Anderson, L

J 748 Bells Across the Meadow Ketelby, A

F 342 Bells are Ringing Duthoit, WJ

J 730 Belphegor Brepsant, E

J 901 Benny Goodman, Tribute to Hayman, R

F 667 Benny's March Carter, C E/M

J 1987 Benventuta Cellini Berlioz, H

J 978 Berwick Green, A Maypole Dance Richardson, N

(The Archers Theme)
J 934 Best Years of Our Lives, The Ricketts, T E/M

J 2026 Bewitched Dix, J E/M

J 720 Big Band Bash Lowden, B

709 Big Band Classics

J 7 Big Band Dixieland Edmundson, J

J 755 Big Band Showcase Lowden, B

J 882 Big Beat Dixieland Ployhar, J

J 930 Big Country, The Moross, J

J 878 Big Easy Suite Ellerby, M

J 1041 Big Spender Bernaerts, F E/M

J 2056 Big Spender Dix, J E

J 570 Bill Bailey Goes Vaudaville

J 576 Billy Boy Shinwell, S

J 1035 Bitter Sweet Godfrey, D

F 151 Black Falcon Overture


J 573 Black Falcon, The Cofield, F

F 401 Black Hole, The Lowden, B M/H

J 727 Black Knight, The Grundman, C

J 842 Blaydon Races Brand, M

J 911 Blaydon Races Brand, M

F 4 Bless the Bride Duthoit, WJ M

J 847 Bless the Bride Ellis, V

F 195 Bless Them All

F 235 Blow ye Winds Ployhar, J E

J 281 Blue and The Gray, The Grundman, C M

F 185 Blue Danube Strauss, J M Waltz

F 254 Blue Tail Fly, The

J 454 Blue Tango Anderson, L

J 865 Blues Brothers, The Taylor, L M/H

J 995 Blues on a Slide Johnson, S

J 813 Bohemian Rhapsody Mortimer, J M/H

J 441 Bolero Erikson, F

J 439 Bolero for Band Osser, G

F 282 Bonanza for Blowers

J 991 Boogie Boogie Bugle Boy Ployhar, J

J 2052 Born Free Catherall, A M

F 89 Bouquet de Paris McInnes Smith, J
J 2015 Bouree Kenny, T M Feature Piccolo Solo
J 708 Brass Forever Cacavas, J

J 897 Bridge Too Far, A Addison M March

F 203 Brigadoon Dawson, WJ E/M Selection

F 614 Bright Eyes Batt, M H

J 887 Britannia Rules OK Ashmore, D

F 350 British Grenadiers
E March

J 514 Broadway Showstoppers Barker, W

F 324 Bronze Horse Auber, D M Overture

J 918 Bronze Horse Auber, D H Overture

J 788 Buddy Holly, Best of Vinson, J M

J 542 Bugler's Holiday Anderson, L M Feature Cornet Trio
F 628 Bugler's Lullaby Watters, C E Feature Trumpet Solo

208 Burns on the March

J 972 But Not For Me (Vocal) Barker, W E/M Feature Vocal Solo
F 278 By Land and Sea Alford, KJ M March

J 905 By The Sleepy Lagoon Coates, E

J 553 By the Time I Get to Pheonix Ashmore, D

F 230 Bye Bye Blues Kaemphert

F 243 C&W Jamboree Ployhar, J E

F 386 Cabaret


F 647 Cable Car Nestico, S M

F 267 Calif of Baghdad, The Boieldieu

J 940 California Dreaming Furland, D E/M

2013 Call Me Madam Duthoit, WJ M

J 904 Calling All Workers Coates, E

F 325 Camelot Barsotti, R M Selection

261 Camptown Basses Osterling, E
Feature Bass Section or Baritone Solo
J 994 Can Can Selection Duthoit, WJ

J 712 Cantelina for Winds Edmondson, J

J 2082 Canticle Curnow, W

J 853 Capriccio Espagnol Williams, M

F 103 Capriccio Italian Winterbottom H

J 583 Caprice for Band Shinwell, S

F 1 Caprice Italien

F 6 Careless Rapture Novello, I M

F 1027 Carmen Lamb, K M/H

F 11 Carmen

F 387 Carnival of Roses Olivadoti, J M

J 846 Carol a Day for Christmas, A Fieldstein, S

J 1011 Carols Three Zaninelli, L

J 984 Carousel Duthoit, WJ M Selection
F 150 Castle Ghost, The

J 726 Cats, Selection from Edmundson, J

J 943 Cavalcade from Noel Coward Godfrey, D

F 7 Cavalcade of Famous Songs


F 9 Cavalleria Rusticana Barker, L

F 302 Cavalry of the Steppes

1054 Cavatina

J 2042 Celtic Air and Dance No. 3 Sweeney, M

J 1080 Ceremonial March, Ich Dien Williams, A

F 252 Cha Cha for Band Osser, G E

F 405 Champions all Sports

F 33 Champions on Parade Hummel, HA E March

F 358 Chanson de Matin

F 247 Chanson Triste

806 Charade

F 115 Chaser March
E/M March

F 47 Che Faro Michaelson, E E

F 77 Che Paro

J 908 Chicago Lopez, V M

J 857 Children of the Regiment, The Fucik, J M March

450 Chinese Bell, The

Feature Xylophone
J 446 Chopbuster March Foster, B

J 569 Chopin Melody

J 489 Chorale and Rockout Huggens, T

J 706 Chorale and Shaker Dance Zdechilk

F 608 Chorals and Invention Giroux, G

Bach style
F 176 Chorus of Pilgrims

F 49 Christmas Festival De Lammater, E E Christmas

F 157 Christmas Festival, A Anderson, L M Christmas

F 1014 Christmas Kazoo, A Ployhar, J E Christmas Kazoo players?
J 851 Christmas Kings Balent, A E Christmas

F 50 Christmas March


J 796 Christmas Medley Ficco, M

F 257 Christmas Memories Winterbottom, F M/H Christmas

J 526 Christmas Overture Golland, J M Christmas
F 158 Christmas Pieces, Two


F 408 Christmas Sing Along Matson, R E Christmas Eight Carols
F 136 Christmas Song/Mister Santa Torme, M E Christmas

J 525 Christmas Spirit Woodfield, R M Christmas

F 329 Christmas Spirituals Isaac, J M Christmas

J 529 Christmas Swing Along Ashmore, D

F 10 Chu Chin Chow

F 403 Cinderella Powers, R E/M Overture

F 180 Cindy

J 2045 Cinema Paradiso Kraeydonck, J M

F 622 Circus Suite, A Johnson, S M/H Suite

J 840 City of Glass Kinyon, J

F 167 Clarinet Cascade Brien, T
Feature Clarinet
J 572 Clarinet Party Christenson, J
Feature Clarinet Section
J 845 Clarinet Tango Fraser, B E/M Feature Clarinets
J 735 Clarinets to the Fore Evers, H
Feature Clarinets
J 1075 Classical Gold Barry, D M

J 2073 Clog Dance Chartson, B

J 138 Close to You Edmundson, J E

F 198 Cochecho

J 1084 Cockaigne Overture Op. 40 Elgar, E D Overture

J 2072 Cole Porter Robinson, W

J 872 Colonel Bogey Alford, KJ M March

J 2075 Colonel Bogey Alford, KJ M March

J 956 Colonel Bogey on Parade (Abridged Version) Alford, KJ M March

F 431 Colonial Diary Gordan, P E

J 763 Colonnade Niehaus, L

F 78 Come Back to Sorrento Walters, HL
Feature Cornet Solo ü
F 32 Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming

J 1036 Commando Patrol Dunn, FV M March
F 351 Commando Patrol Dunn, FV M March

J 883 Concert for Band and Clarinet Picket, F
Feature Clarinet
J 452 Concert Prelude Sparke, P

F 317 Concert Rondo Tubbs, A M Feature Horn Solo
F 99 Concertino Von Weber, CM D Feature Clarinet or Alto Sax Solo
J 410 Concerto Americana Cacavas, J M

F 1052 Concerto Piccolo Tailor, N M Feature Bass Clarinet Solo
F 129 Concord Stage

J 493 Congratulations Siebert, E

J 941 Copacabana Saucedo, R M

F 220 Corelli Gavotte

F 1021 Coronation Scot Ellis, V M/H

F 313 Cotswold Lullaby, A

J 2049 Count Basie Mashima, T

J 716 Count Basie Salute Higgins, J

F 152 Country and Western Walters, HL E/M

F 142 Cross of Honour

J 426 Crown Imperial Walton M/H

J 719 Cym Rhonnda (Hymn) Banks, E

F 207 Dad's Army Burns, W M March

J 635 Dallas, Theme from Tanner, D

J 93 Dambusters, The Coates, E M March

F 55 Damn Yankees

J 2039 Dances with Wolves Bocook, J M

J 770 Dances with Wolves Walker, S

F 394 Dancing Trumpet Osterling, E E Feature Trumpet Solo
F 13 Dancing Years, The Duthoit, WJ M

J 1048 Dancing Years, The Novello M/H

F 337 Das War in Schoneberg

F 630 Dawn Chorus Smith, PB
Feature Flute Trio
J 571 Dawn Prelude Johnstone, CW

F 333 Day By Day

J 789 Day Tripper

Easy Concert Band Series Pack 11
J 717 Day You Sang This Song, The Ravenal, D

F 220 Days of Youth

F 45 Deep River Rhapsody Walters, HL E/M

F 106 Demoiselle Chic

F 926 Desert Song, The Godfrey, D M

J 597 Disco Soulin Cacavas, J

J 937 Disney At The Movies Higgins, J
F 104 Dixieland Blues Menz, J E Feature Trio for Clarinet, Alto Sax & Cornet
F 1022 Dixieland Jam Lowden, B M

F 163 Do You Know How Christmas Trees are Grown


F 93 Do You Know the Way to San Jose Bacharach, B

F 74 Dolores (Spanish Waltz)


F 228 Don't Cry For Me Argentina

F 658 Don't Mock Baroque Shadbolt, W M Feature Euphonium Solo
J 745 Don't Tell William Brand, M

F 114 Dream Magic

J 754 Drummer's Delight Siebert, E
Feature Percussion
F 118 Drumming Through the Rye

F 300 Duke of York, The

J 634 Dynasty Peberdy, J

J 858 Early One Morning Matthias, F E

F 63 Early Twenties, The Duthoit, WJ M Selection

J 581 Earthmover Tubbs, A

F 120 East, West Side

J 790 Edelweiss

Easy Concert Band Series Pack 4
F 385 Edelweiss Waltz

Waltz "Sound of Music"
F 14 Edward German Melodies Duthoit, WJ M Selection

F 212 Egmont Beethoven, L M/H Overture

F 986 Egmont Beethoven, L M Overture

1067 Eighth Army March Coates, E M March

F 298 Ein Prosit

J 660 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Meyns, A
Suite Mozart
J 767 El Cumbanchero Masthon

F 399 El Passo

F 35 El Relicano

F 168 El Toro

J 759 Elegy Chapman, D

J 895 Elegy Chapman, D

J 702 Elizabethan Serenade Binge, R

F 427 Ellington Portrait, An Werle, F M

J 2076 Encanto Smith, R M

J 2027 Endless Love Dix, J

J 773 Entracte and Toreadors Song (from Carmen) Brand, M

J 659 Entry of the Bojares Halvorsen, J

J 2029 Escadrille Orcino, LA E/M

J 1085 Espana Cailliet, L H

F 189 Espana

F 238 Espana Cani Cray, R M

F 624 Eternal Father Strong to Save Smith, CT M/H

F 273 Etude in Boogie Walters, HL M
Piano needed
F 345 Evening with Ken Dodd, An

F 28 Event of the Day

F 166 Eventide

J 554 Evergreen Ashmore, D

F 54 Eye Level

J 465 Fairest of the Fair, The Sousa

F 432 Fairytale and March Schaefer, W E/M
J 501 Fame Edmundson, J

J 722 Famous Melodies of Tschaikovsky Ployhar, J

F 15 Famous Musical Plays

J 1024 Famous Songs of the British Isles Dunn, FV M March
J 456 Fanfare and Scenario Cacavas, J

J 1006 Fanfare and Soliloquy For Band Sharpe, T M

F 198 Fanfare for a Ceremonial Occasion

J 2066 Fanfare for the Common Man Longfield, R

F 113 Fanfare for Trumpets

F 316 Fanfare, Sunset and Soliquy

J 257 Fantasia on British Sea Songs Wood, H M
Last Night of the Proms
J 504 Fascination Waltz Kinyon, J

J 544 Father Rhine Lincke, P

J 522 Feelings Ashmore, D

F 332 Feelings

F 10 Festival

J 760 Festival March Clark, M

F 213 Festival Overture


F 117 Festival Suite


F 37 Fete Triumphal Olivadoti, J E/M March

J 2001 Fiddler on the Roof Sharpe, T M Selection

F 126 Fife and Drum

F 349 Fifty Years On

F 653 Finale '81

675 Finale from Fourth Symphony

F 214 Fingal's Cave Mendelssohn H Overture

F 46 Finlandia

J 976 Finlandia (Tone Poem) Sibelius M

F 97 First Guards, The Bliss, A M March

F 248 First Suite for Band Reed, A M/H Suite

F 979 First Suite in Eb for Military Band Holst, G M/H Suite

F 38 First Sullivan Selection Sullivan/Godfrey, D
Selection Parts missing
F 26 Five Minutes with Jerome Kern/Cole Porter
M Medley

F 288 Flambeau Overture Olivadoti, J E/M Overture

F 141 Flattery

F 265 Floral Dance, The

J 422 Florentina March Fucik, J M March

F 256 Florish of Brass

F 15 Florodora Retford, W M/H

J 1028 Flower Duet Alexander, M

J 591 Flutation Grundman, C
Feature Flute Solo
F 335 Flute Fever

Feature Flute
F 65 Foggy Dew, The

F 226 Foirella, Little Flower

F 388 Folk Song Suite Vaughan Williams, R
J 980 Folk Song Suite Vaughan Williams, R M/H Suite
F 212 Folksong Blues

J 587 For a Princess Perkins, J

J 2031 For Honor, For Country Turner, JE E/M

J 664 Forgotten Dreams Anderson, L E

F 391 Four Contrasts of Wind Ford, TJ

F 366 Four Freedoms Forsblad, L E/M Overture

F 945 Four Ways Suite Godfrey, D M/H Suite

F 136 Fragments from the Symphonies Duthoit, WJ M

F 181 Franz Suite/Request/Ah Welcome Deerwood Osterling, E E

J 457 Free Lance, The Sousa

J 1078 Free Lance, The Sousa/Marshall

1058 French Comedy
M Overture

F 269 French Festival Osser, G E/M

F 211 French Folk Song Suite


F 374 Frere Jacques

F 184 Friends Smith, C M feature Duet for Clar, Saxes, Cnts or Tbns
J 916 From Meadow to Mayfair Coates, E

1099 From The Highlands Farnon, R M/H

J 2065 Frozen, Highlights from O'Loughin, S

J 1088 Funny Girl Bennett, R

J 890 Gadfly, Romance from Peel, R

F 617 Garn West Bevan, C M/H

F 47 Gay 90's & Can Can

J 902 General Radetsky Goes Cuckoo Michaelson, E M

F 135 Gentle on My Mind

F 144 Geordia

J 595 George Gershwin Chase, B E/M

F 239 George Washington Bicentenial March Sousa M March

F 347 Georgia On My Mind

F 418 Gershwin in Concert Gold, M E/M

J 955 Gibraltar Waterer, R M/H

J 543 Gift to be Simple, The Brisman, H

F 18 Gigi Selection Duthoit, WJ M/H Selection

F 360 Girl of the Golden West, The Winterbottom, F M
J 737 Glasnost Stratford, D

J 1100 Glee Ricketts, T M Selection

J 1077 Glenn Miller in Concert Scott, W

J 959 Glenn Miller Medley Iwai, N

J 802 Glenn Miller Medley

Hand written
F 644 Glenn Miller Special

J 764 Glenn Ridge Niehaus, L

F 285 Globe and Laurel


F 68 Glory of Texas

F 248 Glow Worm Lincke, P M

F 1 Godfather

J 438 Godfather Trilogy Bullock, J

J 2040 Godfather, Theme from the Longfield, R M

F 191 Gold and Silver Lehar, F

F 61 Gondoliers Sullivan M Selection

J 850 Gonna Build a Mountain Balent, A

J 862 Good King Wenceslas Kinyon, J

F 284 Grace at Eventide

F 214 Grand March


J 960 Grand Military Tattoo Rogan, J

F 85 Grand Military Tattoo

J 827 Grease Moss J M

J 1026 Great Escape, The Dix, J M

F 601 Great Grandad's Favourites

1060 Great Movie Marches

J 1005 Great Songs of Christmas Lowden, B

J 2068 Greatest Showman, The Murtha, P M

J 871 Greensleaves Fantasy Balent, A

J 532 Greensleeves Smith, CT

F 125 Greensleeves

J 928 Groovey King of Love, A Fernie, A
Feature Trumpet Solo
F 42 Guard of Honour

J 876 Guys and Dolls Loesser, F M

F 43 Gypsy Baron, The Walters, HL M/E March

F 17 Gypsy Love

J 1101 Hairspray Ricketts, T M Selection

F 143 Hallelujah Nos 1 & 2

F 28 Handel Festival, A Cacavas, J E/M

328 Handel Festival, A Cacavas, J E/M

J 742 Handel for Christmas Mitchell, E M Christmas

F 655 Handel's Largo

677 Hanover (Hymn)

J 924 Hans Christian Anderson Loesser, F

J 968 Hans Christian Anderson Loesser, F

F 344 Happiness

J 2081 Happy Birthday Elliget, B

F 271 Happy Go Lucky Course, W M Feature Flute Solo
F 293 Happy Hippo, The Smith, PB E Feature Tuba
J 768 Happy Mill of Jenson Carros, M

F 420 Happy Wanderer, The

J 2050 Harry James, A Tribute to Nestico, S

J 2036 Harry Potter, Highlights from Story, M M

F 953 Harry Potter, Symphonic Suite Smith, R H

J 873 Hava Nagila Balent, A

F 249 Have Horn Will Travel Logan, R M Feature Cornet Solo
F 191 Have Tuba Will Oompah

Feature Tuba Solo
F 110 Hearts and Flowers

F 280 Hebrides Suite Grundman, C M Suite
J 2005 Hehuli Haeck, JP

J 875 Henderson Overture Hodges, S

J 775 Henry Mancini, A Tribute to

F 23 Herb Albert's Tijuana Brass Albert, H M Medley

J 898 Here The Gentle Lark Winterbottom, W

J 2021 Here's That Rainy Day Drover, A M

F 86 Hero's March


F 153 He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

F 263 Hey Jude

F 160 High Chaparral, The

J 1076 High Flight Coates, E M/H

J 69 High on a Hill Siebert, E M Feature Trumpet Solo/Duet ü
F 319 High School Cadets, The Sousa

F 290 High Society


J 929 History of Love, The Payne, C
Feature Trumpet Solo
J 1157 HMS Charity Ellerby, M

J 1057 HMS Pinafore Sullivan M Selection

F 20 HMS Pinafore Sullivan/Godfrey, F M/H Selection

1151 Hoagy Carmichael in Concert Barker, W M

F 671 Hoedoon Fraser, B E/M

F 604 Hoedown for Band

J 1055 Holberg Suite Brand, G E/M

F 136 Holiday for Strings


F 136 Holiday for Trombones

Feature Trombone Section
J 1102 Hollywood Milestones Higgins, J M/H Medley
J 856 Holyrood Alford, KJ M March

F 232 Hometown Band

J 531 Hooked On Gospel Walters, F

F 396 Hoopla Morrissey, J
Feature Flute Solo
F 11 Hootenanny Walters, HL M Medley
J 2009 Hootenanny Walters, HL M Medley
F 305 Hoover March


J 588 Hopak

J 808 Horse and Buggy Anderson, L

F 122 Hot Time

F 34 Huldigans Marsch Johnson, CW E March

F 280 Hullo Ragtime

F 177 Humeresque

F 174 Hungarian Dance No. 6

F 1046 Hungarian Dances, Three Yearsley, R M/H

F 175 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 Liszt, F H

J 1152 Hymn to the Fallen Dix, J E/M

J 915 Hymn to the Fallen Lavender, P H

F 629 Hymns for the Metro Cathedral

F 639 Hymns for the Metro Cathedral

F 663 Hymns for the Metro Cathedral

F 683 Hymns for the Metro Cathedral

F 690 Hymns for the Metro Cathedral

J 2022 I Can't Get Started Dix, J E/M

J 789 I Can't Say No

Easy Concert Band Series Pack 11
J 536 I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day Edmondson, J

J 861 I Know Him So well Richards, D

F 685 I Left My Heart in San Francisco Gould, A E/M Feature Cornet Solo
J 2069 I Left My Heart in San Francisco Reed, A

J 1156 I Vow to Thee My Country Steadman-Allan, R E/M

F 429 I Want to Hold Your Hand Cacavas, J E/M

F 266 If With All Your Hearts

F 87 Il Silenzio
M Feature Trumpet Solo
J 778 I'll Be There For You Clark, L

J 870 I'm A Believer Murtha, P E/M

J 823 Imperial Echoes Safroni, A

J 1079 Imperial March Elgar/Marshall, D M/H March

J 933 In A Monastery Garden Ketelby, A

J 1089 In A Persian Market Ketelby, A M

J 753 In Celebration Golland, J

F 247 In Gay Saville

J 568 In Malaga Curzon, F

J 942 In Martial Step Duthoit, WJ M/H Medley

J 762 In The Miller Mood Barker, W

J 1015 In The Shining of the Stars Sheldon, R E

J 696 Indiana Jones Bullock, J M

F 87 Indienne


F 361 Indulijubilo

J 652 Instant Concert Walters, HL E Medley
F 669 Instant Xmas Fraser, B E/M Christmas

F 621 Interplay for Band Huggens, T M/H

J 889 Introduction Song Gigue Lehman, R

F 25 Iolanthe Selection Sullivan

F 255 Irish Festival Cofield, F E/M

J 443 Irish Interlude Barker, W

J 1096 Irish Posy, An Farnon, R

J 453 Isn't She Lovely Burton, P

F 270 Italian Festival Osser, G E/M

F 200 It's A Long Way to Tipperary


J 513 It's A Small World Cofield, F

F 389 Jamaican Folk Song Suite Walters, HL M Suite
J 777 James Bond Returns Dye, K

F 615 Jazzy March Halligan, A

F 276 Jeanie With the Dark Brown hair

J 910 Jerusalem Parry, H

F 301 Jerusalem
J 804 Jester at the Wedding, The

F 311 Jesus Christ Superstar O'Brien, R E/M Selection

J 632 Jingle Bells Ashmore, D

J 2064 Jumping Bean Farnon, R

J 537 June Night

J 867 Jungle Book, The Moss J

F 6 Junior Jump Weber, F E

J 463 Just A Closer Walk with Thee Custer, C

J 776 Just Fooling Around Blues Rowitz, B

F 21 Just Good Friends

J 2057 Kaleidoscope Cole, D

J 892 Kalinka Woodfield, R

J 578 Keel Row, The Bullock, J

J 772 Keep Sailing Through Barry, D

J 577 Kelso Market Shinwell, S

J 1064 Keltic Suite Winterbottom, F M/H

J 814 Kenny B Porter, T

F 107 Kerry Dance Giroux, G E Feature Clarinet Section
J 789 Killer Joe

Easy Concert Band Series Pack 11
F 72 King and I, The Duthoit, WJ M/H Selection

F 335 King Kong Theme

F 27 King's Rhapsody

J 930 King's Story, Theme from a

J 893 Kismet Duthoit, WJ

J 789 Kokomo

Easy Concert Band Series Pack 11
J 765 Korean Folk Rhapsody Curnow, W

F 338 Krotoschiner Polka

F 610 La Basque

Feature Flute Solo
F 90 La Corrida de Toras

F 308 La Fleur de Paris Cacavas, J

F 165 La Golondrina (The Swan)

J 817 La Vererna (A Spanish Festival) Woodfield, R

J 790 Lady

Easy Concert Band Series Pack 4
J 486 Land of Hope and Glory


F 390 Land of the Mountain and the Flood, The Godfrey, D H Overture

F 346 Largo Handel

F 382 Lark's Festival, The

F 387 Lark's Festival, The

F 178 L'Arlesienne Finck, H M

F 378 Lassus Trombones
M Feature Trombones
F 13 Last Post

F 1002 Last Post, The Stevenson, L E

F 253 Last Spring Grieg

J 521 Latin Serenade Woodfield, R

F 620 Laura Holcombe, B

F 606 Lazy Lullaby

920 Lazy Trumpeter (A)

Feature Trumpet

921 Lazy Trumpeter (B)

Feature Trumpet
J 678 Legions Cacavas, J E/M March

J 711 Les Miserables Barker, W M Selection
F 113 Les Preludes Brown, C M/H

J 879 Let It Be Brand, M

J 536 Let It Snow Edmondson, J

F 640 Let There Be Peace On Earth

J 732 Liberty Bell Johnson, S

J 880 Liberty Bell Sousa

F 44 Light Cavalry Suppe
Overture First version (not played)
F 218 Light Cavalry Suppe M Overture

F 67 Li'l Liza Jane

F 927 Lilac Time Clutsam, G M

948 Lilac Time

F 1066 Lilac Time, from Prince Igor Godfrey D M/H

F 194 Lily Marlene

J 1153 Lion King, The Higgins, J M/H Selection

J 2030 Lion of Ireland Watson, S M

J 849 Little Brown Jug

F 2 Little Brown Jug

J 863 Little Brown Jug and All That Jazz Tyler, C

F 404 Little Donkey Russell, B E Christmas

F 100 Little Drummer Boy


J 734 Little English Suite Grundman, C

F 424 Little Latin, A

F 35 Little Rock Ployhar, J E

J 586 Little Swiss Piece Hughes

J 2078 Lo, How a Rose Ness, O

F 140 Lohengrin Wagner

J 854 London Again Coates, E M

J 804 London Bridge

J 561 London Calling Coates, E

J 982 London Landmarks Duthoit, WJ

J 912 London Suite Coates, E

J 1062 London Suite (March) Coates, E E/M March

F 57 Londonderry Air

F 654 Lonely Bugler, The Nestico, S E/M Feature Cornet Solo
F 103 Lonely Mill, The Lancaster, H M/H

811 Love Changes Everything

Hand written
J 460 Love That Trumpet Curnow, W
Feature Trumpet Solo

948 Lovely Night

F 231 Loves Dream

J 209 Luftwaffe March Goodwin, R M March

J 977 Lullaby for Saxophone Osterling, E M Feature Sax Solo
J 725 Lustspiel Bela, K M Overture

F 9 Lysistrata Waltz


J 1044 Mack the Knife Bernaerts, F E/M

F 247 Magic Flute

J 1074 Magic of Mozart, The Barry, D M

1017 Magical Xmas, A Moss J M Suite

J 2037 Magnificent Seven, The Phillipe, R M

F 92 Make it Happen Cacavas, J E/M
Needs a Guitar
J 1004 Makin' Whoopee Lalley, TM

F 303 Malaguena Cacavas, J M/H

F 128 Mambo from Congo

J 2002 Mamma Mia Baernaerts, F

F 381 Man of Harlech, The

J 433 Mancini Magic Sharpe, T M Medley

J 903 Mancini Spectacular Barker, W

F 310 Manhattan Beach Sousa

F 423 Manhattan Skyline

F 97 March a Go Go

F 173 March Along Song

J 954 March des Parachutistes Belges Leemans, P M March SAS Regiment ü
F 220 March for Heroes


J 449 March from Symphony No, 9 Moore, W

J 818 March Madness Williams, M

J 1029 March Militaire Burton, D M/H March

J 539 March Militaire Jeffreys, K

J 478 March No. 1 Henshilwood, D

J 946 March Rhodesia Duthoit, WJ

F 417 Marching Around The Shows

1039 Marching Down Broadway Moss J M

J 743 Marching Song Holst, G

F 89 Marching Through the Classics

J 1025 Marinarella Fucik, J H Overture

F 969 Marriage of Figaro, The Mozart M/H Overture

F 90 Martial Moments

J 2020 Marvin Hamlisch Showcase Barker, W M/H Medley

F 316 Mary Poppins Sherman, R M Selection

J 565 Mary Rose Hillier

F 154 Mary's Boy Child


J 841 Match of the Day Hare, N

F 194 May Blossom

J 698 Me and My Girl Sharpe, T M Selection

J 2077 Medieval Christmas, A Sparke, P

Christmas Pack
F 605 Mediterranean Honeymoon

J 843 Melting the Ice Fraser, B

F 183 Memories of Dvorak Duthoit, WJ M/H

J 751 Memphis Blues Webber, D

J 538 Men of Harlech

F 132 Men of Music

J 1094 Men of Trent Duthoit, WJ

F 32 Merrie England Godfrey, D M/H Selection

J 932 Merrie England Godfrey, D

J 783 Merry Christmas Everybody Hare, N M Christmas

J 1000 Merry Christmas Everyone Bernaerts, F M Christmas

J 551 Merry Christmas To You, A Marks, J

J 925 Merry Makers, The Coates, E

F 240 Merry Makers, The

F 421 Merry Musicians

F 631 Merry Tijuana, A Ashmore, D M Christmas

F 611 Merry Trombone Trio, The

Feature Trombone Trio
F 221 Merry Wives of Windsor, The Godfrey, D M/H Overture

F 1051 Merry Wives of Windsor, The Nicoli, O H

J 482 Mexican Holiday Woodfield, R

F 96 Mexicana

J 2023 Michael Smith, R M

F 412 Michael Legrand in Concert Polster, I E/M

J 491 Michelle Wilkinson, A

J 2043 Midway March Moss J M March

F 73 Mikado, The Sullivan M Selection

F 224 Mill on The Rock, The Reissiger M

F 150 Minstrels Gallery

F 368 Minute Man Forsblad, L E/M Overture

F 162 Mirelle Kenny, TA
Feature Alto Sax Solo
J 2038 Miss Saigon Barker, W

J 803 Mission Impossible Porter, T

J 909 Mission Impossible

J 2060 Misty Peters, M
Feature Trombone Solo
J 797 Misty Porter, T
Feature Sax Solo
F 130 Misty Blue

F 691 Model T Nestico, S M

J 738 Moldau Cacavas, J

J 899 Moment in Time, A Higgins, J

J 651 Moments for Morricone De Meij, J M/H Medley

F 289 Monastery at Sunset Coons, C E

F 1019 Monsieur Offenbach Bashford, R M/H

F 402 Montego Bay Nestico, S M

F 195 Moonlight on the Alster Fetras, O M

948 Moresque

F 666 Morning Commuter, The Spinney, C E/M

F 279 Morning in Madrid

F 223 Morning, Noon and Night Suppe M Overture

F 48 Morris Dance

F 627 Moutain Patrol

F 61 Mr Quarterback


F 108 Mr Trombone Piato, AP E/M Feature Trombone Solo
J 790 Muppet Show

Easy Concert Band Series Pack 4
J 1040 Music Grevenbrock, Tv M/H

J 437 Music Box Dancer Yoder, P

F 82 Music Festival

F 1023 Music Makers, The Reed, A M/H

F 327 Music of the Minstrels


F 197 Music To Watch Girls By

F 33 Musical Switch, A Alford, KJ M

F 185 My Buddy

F 37 My Fair Lady Bennett, R M/H Selection

J 790 My Favourite Things

Easy Concert Band Series Pack 4
J 1003 My Heart Will Go On Saucedo, R E/M

J 965 Mystic Beauty Winterbottom, F

F 95 National Anthem

F 341 National Anthem

Band Folder
J 589 National Anthem

J 2071 National Anthem and Fanfare

J 835 National Emblem Bagley

J 1154 Neil Diamond in Concert Lowden, B M Medley

F 225 Nell Gwyn

J 784 Nessum Dorma Lewis, JG

J 824 New Colonial, The Hall, RB E/M March

F 268 New Lambs for Old

F 65 New Moon, The


F 365 New Moon, The


F 371 Newcastle Vinson, J E/M March

F 395 Nightfall Morrissey, J
Feature Clarinet Solo

961 Nightingale Sang in Berkerley Square, A Lalley, TM

J 2024 Nightingale Sang in Berkerley Square, A Lalley, TM E/M

J 966 Nights of Gladness Winterbottom, F M Waltz

F 662 Nimrod

J 1043 Nine to Five Ocean, J E/M

F 36 No No Nanette Youmans, V M

2019 Noel Coward Melodies Duthoit, WJ

J 936 Noir C'est Noir Solemar, J

J 896 North West Suite O'Reilly, J

J 574 Northern Echoes Harrison, G

J 714 Northwest Overture Chatterway, JA

F 384 Norwegian Pictures Ford, TJ M Suite

F 159 Now Thank We All Our God

J 715 NYC and Tomorrow from 'Annie' Edmundson, J

F 266 O Star of Eve

F 222 O Worship The King Buchtel, F E

F 39 Oberon

F 971 Oblivion Verheart, S E/M

F 30 Ode to Music Johnson, CW E

F 241 Officer of the Day Bigelow E March

J 2000 Oklahoma Duthoit, WJ M Selection

F 41 Old Chelsea Dawson, WJ M

J 848 Old English Chrismas O'Reilly, J

F 14 Old Home Guard

91 Old Man River

J 950 Oliver Bart, L M Selection

J 646 Oliver Sharpe, T

J 826 On The Quarterdeck Alford, KJ M March

J 1090 On The Steppes of Central Asia Stalmeir

J 1013 On The Village Green Strommen, K M

F 272 One Finger Polka Walters, HL M feature Cornet or Baritone Solo
J 2046 One Voice Bernaerts, F E/M

F 223 Onward Christian Soldiers

F 363 Opera Bouquet No. 1 Bidgood, T M/H Medley

F 98 Our Family Band

J 938 Out of Africa De Meij, J M

J 834 Over The Rainbow Brubaker, J E/M

F 196 Over The Waves

J 462 Overture For A Street Party Binney, M

F 243 Overture for Youth
E Overture

J 445 Overture of Overtures McDermott, M

F 25 Pacific Grandeur

F 201 Pack Up Your Troubles


J 728 Padistow Lifeboat, The Woodfield, R

F 46 Paint Your Wagon Sharpe, T M Selection

J 922 Pajama Game, The Duthoit, WJ M

J 510 Parade of the Tall Ships Chatterway, JA

F 112 Parade of the Tin Soldiers Jessel, Leon M

F 179 Parsifal

J 815 Party's Over, The Porter, T

J 951 Passing of the Regiments Winter, A

F 137 Pathetic Symphony Fletcher, P H

F 45 Patience Sullivan M Selection

J 442 Paul Revere Ride Yoder, P

J 2067 Pavane Gould, M

J 458 Pavane and March Ahronheim, A

J 2025 Pavane in Blue Huggins, T M

J 2080 Pear Dragon Ness, O

F 670 Pedal Pusher Fraser, B E

F 179 Peer Gynt Godfrey M/H

F 357 Peer Gynt Grieg

F 59 Pendine


J 582 Pendragon Suite Tubbs, A

J 1037 Pennsylvania 6-5000 Hest, J

J 844 Penny Lane Farnon, D

F 4 Pepperino Holmes, GE
Feature Clarinet Solo/Duet or Alto/Tenor Duet
F 168 Perfect Day Jacobs-Bond, C E/M Feature Cornet Solo
J 2014 Perpetuum Mobile Duthoit, WJ M

F 403 Peter Pan Powers, R E/M Overture

J 710 Phantom of the Opera Barker, W M Selection
F 206 Piano Concerto in C Major, Andante from

F 16 Pied Piper Overture Weber, F E Overture

F 63 Pineapple Polka

F 180 Pineapple Poll Mackerras D Suite Music of Gilbert & Sullivan
J 868 Pink Panther meets the Flintstones Brubaker, J E/M

J 566 Pink Panther, The Edmundson, J

J 793 Pique Dame Suppe M Overture

F 43 Pirates of Penzance, The Sullivan
Selection 69th Series, No. 6, Parts Missing
F 43 Pirates of Penzance, The Sullivan
Selection Army Journal No. 138, Parts Missing
J 973 Pirates of the Caribbean Rickets, T
F 228 Plymouth Hoe Ansell, J M/H Overture

J 2016 Poirot Rooney, J E/M

F 428 Polka Francaise O'Brien, R E/M

J 1083 Polly Wolly Doodle Dawson, J

ITMA Series
F 197 Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 Elgar, E M/H March (March No. 5)
J 485 Pomp and Circumstance March No. 4 Elgar, E

F 91 Pomp and Circumstance March Nos 1 & 2 Elgar, E M/H March Last Night of the Proms
F 36 Pomp and Pagentry

J 1073 Pop Looks Beethoven Newman, R M

J 2047 Porgy and Bess Duthoit, WJ M/H Selection

F 353 Portraits of a Band

J 874 Portsmouth Traditional Brand, M

Woodwind Only
F 199 Post Horn Rock

Feature Post Horn Solo
F 1032 Praeludium

F 169 Prelude from Third English Suite

F 29 Prelude in C Minor

F 121 Prelude in G Minor Rachmaninoff, S M/H

F 299 President Elect

J 447 Prestbury Park Lane, P

F 1065 Prince Igor, Ballet Music from, Godfrey, D M/H

F 425 Prince of Wales, The

J 736 Princes Street Parade Evers, H

F 963 Princess Arrives, The Coates, E M/H March

F 376 Prospect Park Parade Edelson, E E March

J 2017 Puffin Billy Holland, J M

J 488 Purple Carnival, The Alford, H

F 153 Put Your hand in the Hand

J 779 Putting On The Ritz Nowak, J M

F 414 Quantanamer

J 993 Queen's Royal Hussars, The Cresswell, D

J 1008 Queen's Royal Lancers Slow March, The Bashford, R

J 1007 Queen's Royal Lancers, The Bashford, R

F 110 Quick Silver Reynolds, P
Feature Flute Solo
F 102 Quiet Song Clarin E

F 297 Radetsky March Sharpe, T M March

J 906 RAF March Past


J 436 Ragtime Overture Yoder, P

F 393 Ragtime Suite Huggens, T M Suite

J 7 Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

J 1098 Raymond Thomas, A H Overture

F 295 Red Barn Polka

F 4 Red Mill, The

F 132 Reeds in Front

F 123 Reminiscences of the Plantation Chambers

F 47 Reminisences of All Nations

F 48 Reminisences of Rossini

J 989 Reminisences of Tchaikovsky Godfrey, D

F 122 Rendez-vous Leggett, A M

J 1093 Rhapsody for a Flute Bulla, S
Feature Flute Solo
F 58 Rhapsody in Blue

J 623 Rhapsody on The Minstrel Boy Farnon, R H

J 864 Rhythms of Christmas, The Erikson, F

F 123 Riff Interlude

J 475 Rise and Shine Moore, D

J 700 Robert Farnon, Excerpts from the Works of Duthoit, WJ

J 822 Robin Hood Curzon, F M/H Suite

J 939 Robin Hood Prince of Theives Baker, K

F 679 Rock Encounter Chatterway, JA M

J 2062 Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Jennings, P

F 236 Rock Slide Steves, W E Feature Trombone Section
F 119 Rock the Boat Ashore

J 370 Rockford Files, The Cacavas, J

J 2048 Rocky Bertie, D M

J 440 Rollicking Rakes Bolger, J

F 1020 Romance Kenny, T E/M Feature Oboe
F 657 Romance

F 655 Romance and Alert

Feature Clarinet Solo
J 547 Romance and Allegro Jordan, M

J 556 Romanesque Swearingen, J

F 681 Romeo and Juliet Erickson, F E

F 232 Rosamunde Schubert M/H Overture

F 338 Rosamunde Schubert

J 723 Rosamunde, Themes from Batholomew, RA

J 794 Rose Marie Godfrey, D

F 50 Rose Marie

F 197 Roses from the South Strauss, J

F 176 Roses of Picardy Wood, H E/M

F 138 Roumanian Rhapsody No. 1 Enesco, G M/H

F 348 Royal British Legion Bidgood, T M March

J 958 Royal British Legion Bidgood, T

J 676 Royal Fireworks, Suite from the Harty, H M/H

F 346 Royal Irish Fusiliers, Regimental March
M March

J 633 Royal Salute Waterer, R M March

J 907 Royal Tank Regiment

March My Boy Willie'
J 747 Royal Tournament Bourgeois, D

F 49 Ruddigore Sullivan M Selection

F 224 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer


F 147 Russian Folk Songs and Dances Duthoit, WJ M/H

J 1081 Russlan and Ludmilla Glinka M/H Overture

J 545 Sabre Dance Cacavas, J

J 1160 Sailor's Hornpipe Keeley, E

F 371 Salamark


F 250 Salut d'amour/Cloches de Elgar, E

J 1071 Salute the Soldier Coates, E M March

J 579 Salute to Bob Hope Barker, W

J 2012 Salute to the Cinema Strommen, K M Medley

F 1049 Samson and Delilah Godfrey, D M/H

J 559 San Carlos Ware, J

J 739 Sandpaper Ballet Anderson, L
Feature Percussion
J 852 Santa at the Symphony Williams, M

J 1059 Sapphire Necklace, The Godfrey, C

J 782 Satin Doll Wasson, J

J 914 Saxo Rhapsody Coates, E
Feature Alto Sax Solo
F 237 Scarlet Ribbon Cacavas, J M

F 181 Scenes Pictoresque Wright, J M/H

J 1063 Scherzo and Finale Beethoven, L

J 1009 Scherzo for Flute and Band Ely, R
Feature Flute
J 952 Schindlers List, Theme from Williams, J M/H

J 1103 Schneewalzer Schneiders, H E Waltz

F 318 Schneewalzer


J 985 School Bus Mix up Welters, S E/M

J 1072 Scottish Fantasy, The Marshall, D

J 713 Sea Breeze Gingery, R

J 508 Sea Portrait Lagassey, H

J 558 Sea Shanties Neville

J 981 Sea Songs Vaughan Williams, R

J 877 Search for a Hero

J 790 Second Hand Rose

Easy Concert Band Series Pack 4
J 476 Second Suite in F for Band Holst, G

J 837 Second Suite in F for Military Band Holst, G

F 54 Second Sullivan Selection Sullivan/Godfrey M

J 731 Semper Fidelis Sousa

J 557 September Song Edmondson, J

F 350 Serbian Dances Sistek, V M

F 233 Serenata Anderson, L M

J 479 Serenata Henshilwood, D

F 380 Sermonette

J 1068 Seven Seas, The Coates, E

J 1038 Sgt Peppers Sweeney, M M

F 227 Shadows are Falling

F 55 Shamrockland

F 607 Shanty Land

J 1155 Shenandoah Ballantine, L E/M

J 1095 Shenandoah Bass, RA M/H

2010 Shenandoah Bass, RA M/H

J 836 Shenandoah Bullock, J E/M
Flute part missing
F 64 Shenendoah

J 472 Ship Ahoy Cofield, F

F 124 Shout Amen

J 792 Showboat Jones, G

J 1033 Shrek Dance Party Murtha, P M

F 331 Shrewsbury Fair


F 416 Si, Trocadero (Mambo) Walters, HL E

F 411 Silver Trumpets, The

Feature Trumpets
J 2083 Silver Winds Lopez, V M

J 2034 Sinatra Bulla, S

J 487 Sinatra in Concert Nowak, J M Medley
J 798 Sinatra Medley

J 718 Sinfonia Classica Huggins, T M

J 2084 Singing In The Rain Brown, M M

J 2032 Singing In The Rain Fernie, A E/M

F 66 Skip to my Lou

J 962 Slaughter on 10th Avenue Duthoit, WJ

J 699 Slaughter on 10th Avenue Rogers, R

F 187 Slaves Chorus (Nabucco) Verdi

F 1045 Slavonic Rhapsody No. 2 Duthoit, WJ H

J 804 Sleepy Lagoon, The

J 795 Sleigh Ride Anderson, L M Christmas

F 330 Sleigh Ride, The Isaac, J E/M
F 56 Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Duthoit, WJ M

F 86 Snowbird

J 881 So Nice Osser, G

J 503 Soldiers

J 448 Soliloquy Erikson, F

F 57 Some Tate, J M

996 Someone in Time

J 998 Someone to Watch Over Me Barker, W
Feature Alto Sax Solo
J 992 Somewhere in Time Custer, C E

F 73 Somewhere My Love

F 258 Sonatina for Band Erickson, F E

J 771 Song of Freedom Schneider, M

F 375 Songs for Winds Edmondson, J E

F 5 Songs of The Fair Winterbottom, F M

J 2061 Songs of the Great War Wiffin, R
Medley WW1 Medley ü
J 752 Sophisticated Ladies (Duke Ellington) Edmondson, J

F 68 Sound of Music, The Duthoit, WJ M/H Selection
F 19 Sourire d'amour Godfrey, D M
J 564 Sousa Barker, W

F 88 Sousarama (March Medley)


F 686 South Field Sharpe, T E/M Overture

F 53 South Pacific Duthoit, WJ M/H Selection
F 38 Souvenir de Tschaikovsky

F 60 Souvenirs of Song Siebert, E E/M

J 498 Spanish Eyes Woodfield, R

F 127 Spanish Horns
M Feature Horn Section
F 192 Spice of Life, A Siebert, E

F 94 Spirit of Pagentry, The Fletcher, P M/H

F 274 Spiritual Rhapsody Walters, HL M
Piano needed
J 855 Springtime Suite Coates, E M Suite

F 947 Springtime Suite Wright, Denis M/H

J 724 St Anthony Divertimento Hadyn, J

J 326 St Helen's Waltz, The Matthias, F E Waltz Parts missing

1092 St Louis Blues March Barry, D E/M March
J 2007 St Louis Blues March Barry, D

J 1070 St Louis Blues March Gray, J M March

71 St Louis Blues March


J 697 Stage 1 Gould, A

J 746 Stan Kenton Concert Scott, W

J 974 Standard of St George, The Alford, KJ M March

F 62 Standing in Need of Prayer

J 799 Star Trek

Hand written
J 2004 Star Trek Through the Years Moss J M Medley

J 2074 Star Wars Saga Story, M

F 598 Stephen Foster Fantasy

J 2041 Stevie Wonder in Concert Murtha, P

J 484 Still Wie Die Nacht Spinney, C

J 990 Stop the Cavalry Bernaerts, F M Christmas

F 949 Story of the Overtures Winter, A M/H

F 236 Stradella Flotow M/H

J 435 Stranger on the Shore Yoder, P

J 750 Straw Hat Favourites Osterling, E E/M

F 204 Strawberry Fair

J 2059 Strike Up The Band Barker, W

J 2058 Strike Up The Band Bullock, J

F 397 Strike Up The Band Moss, L E/M

J 701 String of Pearls, A Lowden, B

J 900 Student Prince, The Wright, D

F 174 Suite Americana Thurban, TW M/H Suite

F 2 Suite Americana


F 383 Suite de Paris Wood, H

F 409 Suite for Band Pearson, R E Suite

J 474 Suite No. 1 Hermann, R

F 609 Sullivan at Sea Sullivan/Stent, K
Feature Trombone Solo (Brass Band)
F 193 Sullivan on Parade Sullivan

J 809 Summer Days Coates, E

J 913 Summer Days Suite Coates, E

J 594 Summer Dreaming Cacavas, J

J 502 Summer Serenade Parfrey, R

J 805 Summer Serenade Parfrey, R

F 59 Summer Song Barsotti, R M

J 790 Summertime

Easy Concert Band Series Pack 4
J 461 Sunderland Overture Ployhar, J

F 283 Sunset

J 528 Superman Ashmore, D

J 816 Surprise Surprise Brand, M

F 944 Surrey Suite, A Duthoit, WJ M/H Suite

F 125 Sursum Corda Elgar, E

F 5 Swan Lake Tschaikovsky

F 182 Swan Lake Tchaikovsky H

F 359 Swedish Rhapsody Hare, N E/M

F 373 Sweet and Low

J 756 Sweet Charity Baldwin, J

J 780 Sweet Georgia Brown Brugman, C

F 1053 Sweet Nightingale Jacob, G M Feature Flute
F 306 Swing Along A Max


J 413 Swing Bolero Yoder, P

J 774 Swing Low Sweet Chariot Forgie, B

J 790 Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Easy Concert Band Series Pack 4
F 234 Swing Low Sweet Saxes Osterling, E M Feature Sax Section
F 76 Swing March, The Mancini

J 821 Swinging Shepherd Blues Halliday, P E/M

F 139 Symphony No. 5

1061 Symphony No. 5 in C Minor (Beethoven) Godfrey, D

1st & 2nd Movements
F 41 Symphony No.5 in E Minor

J 2044 Symphony of the Seas (Sea Shanties) Barry, D M

J 891 Syncopated Clock, The Anderson, L E

F 241 Tailgate

F 262 Tailgate Concerto Warrington J

674 Take Your Pick

J 483 Tamboo Werle, F

J 430 Tambourin Siebert, E M Feature Flute Solo
J 1056 Tancredi Falconi, L M/H Overture

J 22 Tango for Band Osser, G E/M

F 239 Tannhauser Wagner M/H Overture

J 885 Tannhauser, Grand March from Bender, M E/M

F 2 Taps/Fanfair/Introduction Fanfare

F 126 Tarantella Thalberg H

J 509 Task Force Wakefield, A

J 506 Taste of Honey, A Albert, H

J 894 Teddy Bears' Picnic, The

F 131 Tenderfoot Trail

F 215 Tenor Trombone Rag Newsome, R H Feature Trombone Solo
F 83 Tenth Regiment

J 766 Tequilla Lavender, P

J 451 That Old Black Magic Yoder, P

F 1010 That's Entertainment Story, M E

F 217 The Acrobat
E Feature Trombone Solo
J 473 The Band Played On Thompson, K

J 687 The Bhoys of Tipperary Amers M/H March

F 122 The Boilermakers

F 626 The Dancer


J 464 The Directorate Sousa

F 661 The Hobbit Blyton, C M Overture

J 524 The Hustle Ashmore, D

F 277 The Middy Alford, KJ M March

J 721 The Movies Higgins, J

F 141 The Rivals

F 406 The Seafarer Wood, H M/H

F 360 The Seasons Hare, N E/M Suite Vivaldi
J 869 The Simpsons Elfman, D M

J 499 The Stripper Rose, D

J 471 The Swan Yoder, P

J 584 The Triumph Bullock, J

J 810 The Vagabonds Myddleton, WH M

F 101 The Westerners Walters, HL E/M Overture

F 1031 Theme for Zara

F 183 Themes and Variations Winterbottom, F M/H

J 999 Themes Like Old Times IV Edmondson, J M Medley
F 196 Thestian Song

J 801 They Sold a Million Porter, T

F 277 Thin Red Line, The Alford, KJ M March

F 94 This Guys In Love With You Edmondson, J E

J 2033 This Guy's In Love With You Woodfield, R

F 218 This Is Your Land/All Through the Night

J 585 Thornbirds, Love Theme from Bullock, J

J 1050 Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines Goodwin, R E/M March

1149 Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines Goodwin, R E/M March

F 339 Thoughts Alford, KJ

J 919 Three Bavarian Dances by Elgar Godfrey, C M

J 964 Three Bears, The Coates, E

J 807 Three Dale Dances Wood, A M

J 830 Three Elizabeths, The Coates, E

J 649 Three English Country Dances Bishop, J

J 636 Three Folk Song Tunes Holst, G

F 17 Three Gates of Gold Overture

F 251 Three Jolly Sailormen Siebert, E M Feature Cornet Trio
J 689 Three Kentucky Sketches O'Reilly, J E/M Suite

J 917 Three Men Coates, E

F 398 Three Minitures for Wind Band

F 127 Thunder and Lightning Polka Carey, M

J 787 Thunderbirds Sparke, P M March

618 Thundercrest Osterling, E

J 729 Thundercrest Osterling, E

J 511 Thundering Drums Elms, A

F 369 Time is Now, The Stone, H E/M

J 1012 Titanic Tribute, A Haack, P E

J 171 To A Wild Rose

Parts missing
J 500 Toccata Henshilwood, D

J 812 Toccata in D Minor Farr & Lamb

F 64 Tonight's the Night Rubens, P M

J 733 Touchdown Beswick, A

F 150 Tower Trumpets

F 314 Trampoline

J 455 Tribute to Glenn Miller, A Gass, H

J 400 Tribute to Stephen Foster, A Nestico, S M/H

F 304 Tribute to Youth, A Ford, TJ M Overture

F 309 Triumphal March from Aida Verdi

F 3 Troika Walters, HL

Christmas ü
F 161 Trombone Gallop

Feature Trombone Section
F 26 Trombone Toboggon

F 182 Trombone Triumphs

Feature Trombones
F 323 Trombones to the Fore Pope, D M/H Feature Trombone Section
F 1030 Tropical Flutes

Feature Flutes
F 225 Trot de Galvaleri

J 886 True Love Ways Farnon, D

J 535 Trumpet Éclair Woodfield, R

F 655 Trumpet Voluntary

Feature Trumpet Solo
J 592 Trumpeter's Tune, A Osterling, E
Feature Trumpet
F 603 Trumpets in the Night

Feature Trumpets
J 619 Trumpets Wild Walters, HL
Feature Trumpet Trio

975 Trumpets Wild Walters, HL M Feature Trumpet Trio
F 190 Tune A Day, A

F 202 Tunes of Glory Siebert, E E/M Medley March Medley
J 860 Tweenie Bob Richards, D

F 673 Twelve Days of Christmas, The Fraser, B E Christmas

J 789 Twist

Easy Concert Band Series Pack 11
F 286 Two Moods Grundman, C E/M

F 362 Two Xmas Pieces


F 106 Two Xmas Spirituals Giroux, G E Christmas

F 210 Tympenium Shinstine, W M Feature Timpani Solo
F 296 Tyrolean Holiday

J 548 Tyrolean Polka Neville

F 294 Tyrolean Trumpets Kenny, TA E Feature Trumpet Section
J 761 Tyrolean Tuba Clark, M
Feature Tuba Solo
F 419 Under The Double Eagle Wagner E March

J 866 Under the Sea Moss J E/M

J 838 Unfinshed Symphony Evans, G

J 707 Union d'Honneur Woodfield, R

J 935 United We Stand Wasson, J

J 560 Up Periscope Baker, PM

F 656 Urlaubschein and Polka Alsace Treves, j E/M

F 75 Valse Mignonine


F 109 Valse Simplice Menz, J M Feature Trombone or Baritone Solo
J 481 Vanity Fair Fletcher, P H Overture

J 1097 Vanity Fair, A Comedy Overture Fletcher, P H Overture

F 172 Variations

F 352 Vera Lynn Forever Hautvast, W M Medley WW2 Medley
J 2008 Verdi's Triumphs Van der Beek, W

F 244 Vicars Parade, The

682 Victory (Hymn)

J 1042 Villiage People Hit Mix Bernaerts, F E/M

F 351 Vision of Salome

J 2003 Viva Excelsior Laseroms, W
J 459 Voluntary Schaefer, W

J 791 Walking In the Air Barnwell M Christmas

F 367 Walking in the Sunshine Forsblad, L E/M

F 434 Walls of Aveilia, The

J 2063 Waltz Khachaturian, A

F 260 Waltz from Serenade for Strings Watters, L E Waltz

2018 Waltz No. 2 De Meij, J M

450 Waltz We Love

Feature Xylophone
J 590 Waltzing Clarinets Morrisey
Feature Clarinet Section
F 264 Waltzing Sombreros Warrington J E

F 74 Waltzing Through Old Vienna Barsotti, R M Medley

J 970 Wave Schaars, P

F 31 Waves of the Danube

J 740 We Wish You A Merry Christmas Kinyon, J E Christmas

F 340 Wedded Whimsies

F 142 Welsh Rhapsody German, E M/H

F 334 Were You There

F 287 West Chester Overture, A Grundman, C EM Overture

J 596 West Side Story Duthoit, WJ M/H Selection

J 1091 Westminster Waltz Duthoit, WJ

F 97 Westminster Waltz Farnon, R M Waltz

J 831 What a Wonderful World Hautvast, W

F 137 What the World Needs Now Edmondson, J E Waltz Jazz Waltz
J 668 When a Child is Born Golland, J

F 407 When a Child is Born


J 38 When Johnny Comes Marching Home Ployhar, J M/H

J 1158 When Johnny Comes Marching Home Ridenour, B

j 540 When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter Marks, J

F 343 Where Eagles Dare

J 705 Where No Man Has Gone Before Jennings, P

F 343 Where's Charley Duthoit, WJ

F 205 Whistling Gypsy

J 741 White Christmas Auken, Z E/M Christmas

J 828 White Horse Inn Godfrey, D

J 780 Whole New World, A Johnson, S E/M

J 477 Wigan Pier Bennett, AR

F 44 William Tell Rossini M/H Overture

F 24 Wind in the Wood Siebert, E M/H Feature Clarinet Section
J 1086 Windjammer, The Andsell, J

F 307 Windroc Overture Browne, P M Overture

F 242 Winds on the Run Osterling, E M Feature Clarinets and Flutes
J 819 Wisconsin Forward Forever Sousa
March (Solid Men to the Front)
J 1069 Wizard of Oz, The Barnes, J M/H

F 155 Wonder March


J 2070 Wonderful Christmas Time McCartney
Christmas Christmas Pack
F 229 Wonderful Day Like Today, A

J 593 Woodland Revels Bullock, J E

J 444 Woodpeckers Three Young, A
Feature Clarinet trio
F 78 Wounded Friend, A

J 470 Xmas Crackers Woodfield, R

F 81 Yankee Clipper

F 361 Yemans Wedding Song

F 75 Yeoman of the Guard. Sullivan M Selection Army Journal No. 186
F 238 Yeoman of the Guard. Sullivan M Selection

J 2028 Yesterday Gray, M

J 516 Yesterday Mahaffey, J E

J 800 You Made Me Love You Porter, T

F 354 Z Cars

J 983 Zampa Herold, F

F 1034 Zampa Herold, F

F 5 Zanetta

F 156 Zingaresca Curzon, F M/H

F 76 Zip Goes a Million Duthoit, WJ

J 2006 Zorba's Dance Barry, D